About Live Love

LiveLove.org is on a mission to build communities who create hope & positive impact for Nature, Society and Culture in cities around the world.

Live Love Beirut was created in 2012, as a way to create hope through positive storytelling on social media, and making Lebanon better. 




1. Share the beauty of Lebanon

38 million cumulative likes (instagram)

+300K followers (instagram) – 45% of which are outside of Lebanon

+300K likes (facebook)

Live Love x Ministry of Tourism = Live Love Lebanon, raised tourism by 21% (since 2014)

New York: International Center of Photography, Los Angeles: TEDx, Dubai: DIFC exhibition, Sydney: Exhibition.

2. Celebrate the beauty of Lebanon

Live Love Tours in 22 villages across Lebanon

Live Love Regions Ambassador Program with 300 young ambassadors in all regions

Live Love Campus Ambassador Program with 56 Ambassadors in all Lebanese campuses

3 consecutive Live Love Festivals in Mzaar

Live Love x Museum of Culture = 3 Consecutive years: Open Museum nights in Lebanon 

Live Love x USAID = positive storytelling and capacity building for 26 youth NGOs in Tripoli, Akaar and Bekaa

Live Love x French Embassy = La Nuit des Idees Beyrouth

3. Help the beauty of Lebanon

Live Love bracelets fundraised for: Sesobel, Heartbeat, MySchoolPulse, St Jude Cancer Center, Chabrouh camp, Bekaa UNHCR refugee camp, Lebanese food bank, refugees. 

Live Love Volunteer Ground Actions: 7 river cleanings, 6 beach cleanings, 3 neighborhood paint ups, Live Love Recycles x Uber, Clio plants Leb with Jouzour Loubnan, Live Love event against hunger with the Lebanese food bank, Live Love blanket gather for the Bekaa refugee camp, Live Love x Jouet club Christmas for children on the streets 

(last updated March 1, 2017) 



The funds of the Live Love Beirut bracelets sales are reversed to Live Love Lebanon, NGO. Unless the bracelets are made in partnership with NGO's (ie: Live Love Chabrouh, Live Love Heartbeat, Live Love My School Pulse, etc...) then they go respectively to them. So, here's what you're supporting when you buy a Live Love Beirut bracelet:


Our mission is clear, and has been clear from the start. To share, celebrate and help the Beauty of Lebanon. The funds we make help us build the teams and products to better serve our mission. Everyday we deliver high quality content to hundreds of thousands of followers. This takes time and man power. Every month we create events across the country or give workshops in positive storytelling and activism. We have 55 volunteers. We give workshops to young people in the Bekaa, in Tripoli, in the South. We organize a festival every summer to bring our community together. We do Live Love Tours. Live Love Products are: our social media channels, offline events, ambassador program, the Live Love bracelets. 

The Live Love Results: (or what your support made happen)

26 Million Likes for the Beauty of Lebanon. A community of 250K people who share positivity and restore hope and faith in humanity. 42 Live Love Events around Lebanon since 2012. Grouping the Lebanese Diaspora around our shared love of Lebanon with 45% of our followers being outside of Lebanon (USA, Canada, France, Brazil, etc). A ground breaking record, for the first time a campaign initiated by Youth got entirely adopted by the Ministry of Tourism as the official national campaign of Tourism.


Some of our work since 2012:

What's in the pipeline:

– The Live Love Lebanon Ambassador network

– The Live Love Beirut Festival

– The Live Love Beirut App 

– The Live Love Beirut exhibition


Our legal structures:

You see advertising on the Live Love Beirut social media. Here's why: at Live Love, we believe in a business model for social impact. We carefully select the brands we collaborate with, and we make sure we do it in a way that's aligned with our mission, even more so, that enhances it. Revenue from advertising goes to our SARL. We chose to have both a company and a non profit because in Lebanon, there is no legal structure to adopt to incorporate as a social enterprise. The equivalent of a Benefit Corporation in the United States, such as Etsy, Patagonia or Kickstarter. We wanted from the start to build a business that would serve our community through the work it does, and through the way it partners with other corporations. Also, a business that would scale internationally and bring job opportunities to Lebanon (As you can see Live  Love is now blooming in other countries across the Middle East).